Please do not confuse the Egyptian Mau cat of the same name, bred in Great Britain, which now bears the name Tabby Oriental. Egyptian Mau was bred in the United States and was created with the primary group imported from Egypt in 1953. This is a spotted cat very similar to those in figures and papyrus of Ancient Egypt. Mau was a domesticated subspecies of spotted wild Wildcat Nubian. These little critters spotted a relic of the past. Some Egyptian Mau were mummified. Mau is the Egyptian cat. Egyptian Mau is rare. The first breeding specimens arrived in Europe in 1992. In Switzerland, launched a European breeding Mau. In all varieties requiring a dark pattern on the whole body and the letter M on the chest.

Many of the animals were in Egypt perceived as representatives of the gods (hawks, cows). Same animals were not considered divine. There is some evidence that each cat was considered a “demigod”. According to one theory, the cat as being “półboska” can not be in possession of an ordinary man. Only Pharaoh was high enough status to be a cat. Thus, all the cats were taken care of Pharaoh.
The most famous cat deity called Bast, but there are many other ancient Egyptian gods, who were associated with cats. Neith sometimes took the form of a cat. Both the “Book of Gates” and “Book of Caverns” refers to the god cat named Miuty (or Mati or Meeyuty). Mauti is depicted in the tomb of Seti II and may also refer to the Mau Mau.

In ancient Egypt, the cat died, the human family was in deep mourning, and all shaved eyebrows. Then the cat was mummified and buried with specialties like milk, mice and rats.
The dead cat was wrapped in fine linen, and embalmed. The dead cat was subjected to rubbing oil of cedar and spices balsamującymi as they have properties of transmitting a pleasant smell and preserve the body for a long time.


Mau cat is shy but very loving his guardian. It gives a feeling of only one of the owners. They are loyal and loving. Mau has a tendency to bond strongly with the owner, some may be shy with strangers. He is active, alert and very busy. Able to learn a few tricks or gimmicks. They will learn to open cupboards and many other things to get toys or food. It is easy to learn how to fetch. Mau very guarded his toys by moving them to a safe place and snarling at anyone who threatens their disposal. Not afraid of water. They like to dip their feet in the water and drink it from the tap. They have an interesting feature is the fold of skin extending from the stomach foot. Elongated hind legs support the faster running. Fur Mau, occurs in 3 varieties: silver, brown and smoke. This is the only domestic cats with spots that can be seen only on the outside of the fur. The eyes are often the color of gooseberry in an elderly age. They allow you to dig and comb. Rarely get sick. They live 14-16 years. They should get a food rich in protein.

A special feature of the breed is a vigorous tail wagging. In the course of developing speed of up to 22 km / h and effortlessly jump on to great heights.
Cats who love to eat – pay attention to the cat does not unduly put on weight.

Shorthair and Somali
Construction – average multiplicity long and graceful
Fur – silky, thick, soft to the touch with a beautiful glossy hair of medium length, longer hair are 3 rims darker color
Head – slightly rounded and medium-sized muzzle neither short nor pointed
Eyes – large, wide apart, rounded
Ears – medium-sized to large, look like a set of standby time, slightly pointed
Legs – proportionate to the body
Feet – rounded tail – medium length, straight


Silver – Silver color fur and dark gray characters
Nose mouth eyes are outlined black border. The upper part of the neck and chin and the area around the mouth and nose is silver, it looks like a white. The upper part of the neck and chin and the area around the mouth and nose is a pale silver, it looks like a white. The skin of the nose is as red as a brick. Paw pads are black and bright green eye color.
Brown – light brown fur with a creamy color on the belly. The rear part of the ear is a light brown-pink to dark brown and speckled. Nose mouth eyes are outlined with dark brown border. The upper part of the neck and chin and the area around the mouth and nose is pale – creamy, it looks like a white. The skin of the nose is as red as a brick. Paw pads are black or dark brown and light green eye color.
Smoke – Graphite color. Black cętko very visible. Nose mouth eyes are outlined graphite border. The upper part of the neck, chin and the area around the nose lighter in color. Nose leather cushions and black. Light green eyes.



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Siamese cat


The origin of Siamese cat

Siamese cats are among the oldest cat breeds. For their homeland is considered to Thailand, which was once called Siam – hence the name of the breed. The ancestors of these cats came from areas further east. Two individuals were presented during the first cat show at the Crystal Palace in London in 1871. Both animals led to diametrically opposed reactions, but they met with indifference! More precise information is for bringing two pairs – Pho and Mia, brought by Sir Owen Gould in 1884 and two others, brought to France the following year by Augusta Pavie.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the first Siamese cats went to London Zoo, where he presented them with other animals imported from Eastern countries.

In 1901 he was established in the UK fan club of the breed: Siamese Cat Club. FIFe recognizes the race since 1949, ie since its inception.
Siamese cats are atypical and unusual for those times, coat. Syjamy are in fact one of the most altered by farming races. They have always been slim, but I used to not like now. Individuals who win today exhibitions are lean. They have a huge, spaced apart ears, and elongated head. Their distant ancestors but were much more stocky, with a round head and a much smaller ears.

Character and behavior

Siamese cats are truly remarkable. Their owners often argue that they behave like dogs. They like to belong to a group and always be at the center of events, and above all, stay close to their loved ones and caregivers to accompany them in all activities.
Sometimes syjamy suffer from a mild form of obsessive love. The cat then becomes jealous of our feelings. He wants to necessarily settle down on our knees. Sometimes, the two cats sit on them under, but sometimes that Siam so pushes up will force rival to zeskoczenia our knees. It is, however, rather an innocent form of obsessive love. There are the more dangerous levels. There are known cases where the grip of an obsessive love defended all ‘intruders’ entry to the bedroom or bed protector.

Siamese cats are known for their temper. This is a very active cats that do not tolerate boredom. They are considered at the same time as one of the most intelligent breeds of cats and willing to learn different tricks on command guardian.
Unfortunately, temperament, intelligence and sensitivity Siamese cats make life with them under the same roof is not always easy. The typical behavior for them to be such intense importance urine feeding grounds for non-castrated males. In this breed often we observe obsessive eating wool.
Syjamy often and very loud meow and issued by the sounds are low, guttural and very poignant. Their meowing, especially love wailing cat in heat, crying like a baby.
In the 70th and 80th years of the last century Siamese cats were extremely popular in many homes they lived even a few. It happened that some benevolent person called the police, informing that the neighbors came out for the evening, leaving the house a small child unattended. “Child” cried for many hours and it seemed that they must be saved. Alleged child turned out to be often Siamese cat in estrus or “singing” Siamese tomcat.

Care Siamese cat
Care Siamese cat is extremely easy. These cats do not need neither bathe nor often comb. Once in a while just their short fur clean cloth dampened with cleaning fluid for cats, and the periods of shedding comb the hair with a soft brush or sponge carding.

Construction of a Siamese cat

Appearance Siamese cat – Ideal Siamese cat is slender and elegant. She has long, supple and muscular body.
The size of a Siamese cat – Average.                                                                           Head Siamese cat – Medium size. Proportional to the body. Well balanced. The wedge-shaped with straight lines. The wedge starts from the nose and the straight lines is moved toward the ears. Skull in profile slightly rounded. Nose long and straight, in line with the forehead, no breakthrough. Muzzle narrow. Beard medium size. Summit chin on one line of the nose.
Ears Siamese cat – Large completed. Wide at the base. Adjusted so that, together with the head form a wedge.
Eyes Siamese cat – Medium size. Neither protruding nor deep set. Almond shaped. Set slightly obliquely, in a line from the nose to the ears.
neck Siamese cat – slim and long.
legs Siamese cat – long and thin. In proportion to the body. Feet small and oval.
tail Siamese cat – very long and thin; tapers to a fine finished.
Fur Siamese cat – Very short, shiny, silky, delicate and closely fitting to the body. Almost no undercoat. COLOUR a point. Darkening of the body color meanings point acceptable. Darker body color is allowed in older cats.
Disadvantages of a Siamese cat – Dark spots on the belly and sides. Brighter spots or ticking on the senses. Traces of stripes on the meanings of non-tabby cats.
Disadvantages depriving Siamese cat certificate – too little contrast between the markings and body.

Coat acceptable in a Siamese cat
The color represents the type of Siamese cats called the coat color of the coat kolorpoint or Siamese. Depending on the color meanings distinguish syjamów in several varieties of coat color. Interesting are Siamese cats and white, in which the meanings are white.
Since 1 January 2016 revised standard FIFe breed Siamese cat. Introduced a new coat: pointed with white and tabby pointed with white, which is simply the connection point with coat coat patchy. Earlier cats with such color were called   frseyshellois  cats, which were considered a sister race syjamów. Therefore, there is no race Seychellois cats are Siamese cats with patchy coat.





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Maine Coon


Maine coon cat is a semi-long-haired middle oriental type. The average weight of an adult male is 4.8 to 11 kilograms and females 3.5 to 8 kg. Coat consists of two layers – an undercoat and guard hair. It is waterproof. Fur is very abundant on the abdomen and buttocks, and neck arranged in a characteristic orifice. In cats, these limits are all kinds of coat, but the most popular is the brown tabby coat type.


As a result of the selection race they are not only beautiful, but above all desirable due to the fact that its representatives attached to the man and are more pro-social, social, and easier to live with.

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British Shorthair


The biggest race of shorthaired cats. Hair short, dense and soft. Different coat. There are about 150 color forms, from single color (eg. Blue, black, red, cream, chocolate, lilac and white) after the two-tone. It weighs 4 to 9 kg and is the largest shorthaired cat. Legs short or medium length, which gives the impression of cat cancer. For a short neck large head with pronounced cheeks and chin marked. Ears, widely spaced and rounded at the ends. Eyes large, orange, blue, gold, green or turquoise.


Gentle, steady, calm, intelligent, outgoing. Accepts staying with him in the house cats and children. It attaches to the owner. He can follow him all day, patiently waiting until he will be given attention. The best feel in peace and quiet, looking out the window, watching the family in which he lives, and lounging in the sunshine

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what you need to prepare before buying a cat



you need to buy a bowl of water for drinking and scratching post bed toys transporter, litter,  karma with good quality

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recommended on cats

Getta Eleedolls*PL 💞 rag a 04 💞 show/breed with persjan fur 😍 reserved



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Cat care


cats should be combed once every two days


The cat will always be something clashed claws. It’s his nature. If a cat has tree is great, worse, he did not want to use it. You can scratching post catnip spray, encourage him.  You can also try to take his feet and  a little about the scratching post and then give him a reward. You see results.   I oversized kittens his usual cutter effect is the same. You NEED CAREFUL TO NOT cut too far! Cat has a claw meat and how he cut off it is … OUCH! You have to be very careful. When it comes time cutting claws it depends on what is long. When do him a “high heels” very sharp this he cut the only sharp tips there is no need to cut half his fingernail he will have uncomfortable feeling. If he cut a month ago, I think that you should have it cut off. Is claws are ready to cut the check by pressing on the pillow when the claws come out and Show you the full glory 🙂 You said, too, that your kitten escapes during cutting. I think that anything that you do. Give him a treat every time after cropping claws. AFTER a while you see that cuting precedes treat. I hope that your cat will learn to use a scratching post.  Good luck 🙂



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cat’s food


I would recommend this page kocimię

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The cat’s tail translator movement


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